Sure Fire Tips for your Engagement Photo Session

With the engagement session seaon in full effect, here are some tips that I have gathered that I think will help couples be prepared and know what they need in order to have a great engagement session.


1. Focus on each other. To focus on each other, you have to essentially tune out all distractions and sometimes even the photographer. I know it can be distracting when you have someone with a huge camera snapping away. But if you just look at your partner and focus on displaying your love and affection toward each other, then the photos would also reflect these emotions naturally. There are times the photographer will tell you to pose this way and that way. Follow your photographer but don’t forget that the photographer is there to capture this special moment between you and your partner.

2. Talk to the photographer. Photographers have different styles. Some photographers pose their couples the entire engagement session. Some do candid shots and mix in a little bit of both. Make sure to communicate to your photographer if you want posed photos or if you want candid or a mix of both. I had a couple tell me in the middle of an engagement session that they did not want to be posed because they felt it was not them. So I just let them just hang out and enjoy the moment. I was glad they told me this because I was able to capture genuine moments that the couple was looking for and they became more loose and relaxed


3. Get close. The first thing I notice is the space between couples because they are hesitant at first to get close.. Make sure there is no awkward space between you and your partner unless it is for artistic purposes. It’s also very important because it shows a genuine connection between you and your partner when you are close. Besides, it just really comes out awesome in photographs!


4. Posing. If you wish to do poses and want the poses to feel natural, use soft movements. Loosen up those fingers, hands. Make sure elbows or knees are not locked straight. Bend them slightly to show natural body flow. Also this is a good time to be playful which helps in putting your partner at ease.









5. Don’t look at the camera. If you want good pictures, look at the camera. If you want great pictures, look at each other. Okay, maybe I just made that up. But really it goes back to tip #1 because when you are looking at the camera you are conscious of so many different things like how you are smiling, how you look, if you blinked, etc., but when you are looking at each other you will get natural looking pictures. You also do not need to necessarily look at each but just look slightly down or to the side.

Bonus tip:

Pick the right location. There are plenty of great locations whether you are looking for an urban setting or a field of flowers setting. Pick a location that best suits you and your partner. I had a couple that wanted an industrial setting so I picked a location and it just also happened to be where they were getting married and they were thrilled by the idea because it matched their wedding theme completely.






















These are sure fire tips that I have gathered from shooting engaged couples throughout the years. If you would like more tips, or would be interested in booking an engagement shoot, please contact me